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Film Catering

We are a Louisiana-based, locally owned catering company with a fine dining restaurant and extensive off-site catering operation. Our owner, Cayman Sinclair, has been in the hospitality and catering industry for over 25 years with a specific focus on the film catering aspect over the last three years. We have worked on over 36 feature films and 85 commercials/videos in that short time and are eager to keep the business in our state. Cayman himself will work with you to create unique menus for your talent and crew based on your budget. A list of just some of the catering equipment we own is below – we're always happy to connect you with our recommended, local vendors if what you're looking for isn't in our repetoire. 

For more information on film catering quotes and details, call 504.236.5341.

Download our Sample Menu and List of Equipment

Film Catering Sample Menus and Equip Film Catering Sample Menus and Equip (145 KB)

Download our Film Catering Resume

Film Catering Resume Film Catering Resume (392 KB)